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  1. Testimonial from Colin Haynes - Photography Buyer

    Congratulations on your superbly high quality exhibition at Lyme Regis Malthouse. It was great to see alternative art in the way of photographic skills of such quality and appeal.

    Hopefully you will be visiting again next year with an equally interesting and stunning display.

    -Colin Haynes - Photography Buyer
  2. Testimonial from Susan Furber - Photographer

    I would like to give a really big thank you to Ben and Chelsea for providing me the opportunity to have some of my work displayed at recent exhibitions in Barcelona and Lyme Regis – while I am currently based in Australia!

    I was especially pleased to be part of Earth Air Fire Water in one of my favourite Dorset locations and even more pleased to make a couple of sales as well! I really appreciate all their hard work in preparing the work and promoting the events, and the opportunity to include my photographs at both locations.  Looking forward to updating my Shed portfolio with some new works very soon.

    -Susan Furber - Photographer
  3. Testimonial from Juliet Evans Photography

    Very pleased to say I sold two aluminium prints today at The Shed Photography summer show at West Bay. Thanks to Chelsea for all her hard work and dedication.

    -Juliet Evans Photography
  4. Testimonial from Peter - Photography Buyer

    The Aluminium prints look really great, very pleased with them both. Stunning photography. They are lighter in weight than I thought they would be, so not heavy to hang at all.

    -Peter - Photography Buyer
  5. Testimonial from Customer  Blackfish Swimwear ‏@BlackfishS

    It arrived! Thanks and special thanks to Caroline Collett for inspired love it!

    -Customer Blackfish Swimwear ‏@BlackfishS
  6. Testimonial from Tim Starkey - Photographer

    I would like to thank Chelsea and The Shed team for all the hard work hosting what was a very professional exhibition.  I was delighted that most of my images sold at this exhibition. Thank you very much.

    -Tim Starkey - Photographer
  7. Testimonial from Tim Firkins

    No better endorsement than from one of our exhibitors! Sign up and sell your work online through our gallery.

    Tim Firkins Feb 22 via Twitter
    More stunning aluminium prints delivered by @shedphotography at custom sizes - never fails to amaze me how good they look!


    -Tim Firkins
  8. Testimonial from Glyn Jones

    One of my prints, ordered from Looks stunning - thanks guys


    -Glyn Jones
  9. Testimonial from Andy White -  Photographer

    On behalf of all the Shed Creatives I would like to give a big thank you to Chelsea and Ben for setting up the website, running it on a day to day basis, processing, printing and dispatching the orders and above all setting up the exhibitions. I am sure that very few of us realised that we would have the opportunity to have our photographs and artworks exhibited in London, Barcelona, Bristol, Lyme Regis and worldwide on the web

    -Andy White - Photographer
  10. Testimonial from Debra Cox

    Thanks so much to artist Chelsea Davine and Shed Photography for making me feel so welcome at the INSTANT exhibition today! Thoroughly enjoyed my day in Lyme Regis and couldn't believe it when the lovely Chelsea told me I'd sold two of the four pieces I was exhibiting.

    -Debra Cox
  11. Testimonial from Jane


    As promised, here is a photo of the beautiful leopard photo.

    Many Thanks

  12. Testimonial from Odile Moreno - Artist

    Hace más de dos años que conozco y trabajo para Chelsea como su asistente personal como artista.
    El proyecto de la Shed Gallery es un reflejo de su personalidad, al igual que su obra y de todo lo que ella hace.
    Chelsea siempre apuesta por nuevos talentos, manteniéndose de este modo inspirada e inspirando a otros creativos.

    La finalidad de la comunidad de la Shed es buscar y promover artistas e imágenes que emocionen.
    Dentro de su web puede encontrarse un amplio catálogo dónde cada uno puede encontrar “esa” imagen, de “ese” artista, de “esa” parte del mundo, que quiera tener en su hogar.

    El producto resultante es una imagen impresa de alta calidad customizable, en tamaño y acabado, por y para el cliente.

    Es muy gratificante ser partícipe de un proyecto en el que se cree.

    -Odile Moreno - Artist
  13. Testimonial from Stephen Banks - Photographer

    I've been working closely with The Shed for over two years now - it really takes out the hassle of selling large prints online. They look after my photographs, they have the website to size up and sell prints, they print them and arrange fast courier delivery, without me having to lift a finger. And the exhibitions they have put on locally are superb. I’d recommend The Shed to any other photographer wanting a hassle-free way of selling special, large, quality prints.

    -Stephen Banks - Photographer
  14. Testimonial from Caroline Collett - Photographer

    Being part of The Shed has so many plus points. First, your work is displayed and promoted to a much wider audience than you could find on your own. Secondly, you are constantly exposed to many other talented artists and photographers, which is always stimulating. Thirdly, you have the opportunity to have your work exhibited anywhere from Lyme and London to Bristol and Barcelona and finally, it's a real community, with all that comes with that. On a personal level, I'd also like to thank Chelsea and Ben, who are endlessly supportive, encouraging and fabulously efficient. And then there's always the chance of being chosen as 'Artist of the Week' - and what a thrill that is!

    -Caroline Collett - Photographer
  15. Testimonial from Xowie Brandt - Photography Buyer

    Bought this piece at your Broadchurch exhibition - we absolutely love how it looks on our wall. Thank you!

    -Xowie Brandt - Photography Buyer
  16. Testimonial from Pete Short Photographer

    Big thanks to The Shed Photography, absolutely brilliant print quality!
    Lioness, 90cmx60cm aluminium print.

    -Pete Short Photographer
  17. Testimonial from Fiona G. Roberts - Artist

    Following the hugely successful Muse exhibition I want to say a big thank you to Chelsea and Ben for putting on such as stunning and successful show. It was particularly nice for me as sales went very well and, out of the blue, I received a gorgeous letter from someone who had attended the show and, who then wrote to me, to say how my work had touched them. It's always so lovely when people take the time to tell you how much your work means to them. All in all then, my experiences as part of an online gallery, and as an artist online in general, have been overwhelmingly positive. The Shed Gallery in particular has been an important part of my development as an artist and I really can't recommend it highly enough.

    -Fiona G. Roberts - Artist
  18. Testimonial from Andy Lyons

    Thanks for this epic aluminium print of my Old Harry shot - Customers now very happy with it :)

    -Andy Lyons
  19. Testimonial from Sam Rose

    I’m really proud to have sold two copies of this picture this week including one at a whopping 150cm x 100cm. I can’t wait to see how that turns out!

    -Sam Rose
  20. Testimonial from Gina Williams

    Incredibly chuffed to have sold my image 'beach huts after the rain' at the shed gallery summer exhibition at the weekend. Hope the new owners enjoy it for a long time
    And thanks to Chelsea Davine and Ben for the hard work on the exhibition

    -Gina Williams
  21. Testimonial from Bob Healey, Photographer

    My photo of Hestercombe was the very first one that I had ever had exhibited. I had only just joined The Shed and they had organised an exhibition at the Malt House, Lyme Regis. Both my wife and I attended the exhibition and to say I was surprised to see it hanging on the wall was an understatement!
    Maybe vanity got the better of me, but I decided to buy it myself and until recently had it hanging indoors, but having re-designed the garden, my wife, Jane, decided to hang it on the fence in the garden, and a great addition it looks too.

    -Bob Healey, Photographer
  22. Testimonial from Martin Gillman - Photographer

    I thoroughly enjoyed looking through so many images and art works in 'The Shed'.

    -Martin Gillman - Photographer
  23. Testimonial from Nathalie Roberts



    thanks really pleased with the print, and Ben was an absolute star to have it done so quickly :)

    -Nathalie Roberts
  24. Favourite tweet of the day! Join us and become part of the conversation! Replying to @shedphotography

    I received my beautiful images by @IainTall recently - thank you @shedphotography
    Thank you Elaine, and thank you shed gallery :) another happy customer & photographer


    -Iain Tall
  25. Testimonial from John Hunt - Photographer

    Wow! being artist of the week is such an amazing thing. Having that small amount of creative recognition does wonders for the artistic ego. That is what I find so important about the Shed gallery - being given the opportunity for people to see and hopefully appreciate what has been created. In the year I've been with the Shed, my confidence in my photographic ability has grown and my drive to produce more stimulating images has increased, all because of the reception my images have received from other members.

    -John Hunt - Photographer
  26. 'Looks even better up on the wall and compliments the boat bought at the Malthouse exhibition just as we had hoped. Great work!'

    -Client purchasing second print
  27. Testimonial from Sam Rose - Photographer

    There is a massive difference between your friends, family or a bunch of people on Flickr liking your photos, and somebody actually shelling out their hard earned cash on one and putting it on their wall.  I want to thank Chelsea and Ben, and the whole Shed community (for we are greater than the sum of our parts!) for helping that happen for me at the recent Broadchurch exhibition.


    -Sam Rose - Photographer
  28. Testimonial from Andy Lyons Photographer

    Thanks to for a super job on these aluminium prints that are now heading off to happy customers.

    -Andy Lyons Photographer

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